Torchlight Artist 2018/19

Katye Coe is a Torchlight Artist 2018/19 at Siobhan Davies Dance, produced by Siobhan Davies Dance in collaboration with Dance4, Sadler’s Wells and Independent Dance. For more information about Torchlight and Siobhan Davies Dance, see here.

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Making Room for the Mess 28th October 2018
Surrender 25th November 2018

Subject to Change, a less resilient Way  16 March 2019

She, dancing to understand living is a year-long project grounded in experiences of the dancer. It begins by harvesting and valuing the danced experience of professionals, as holding exquisite, often unspoken knowledge different to that of choreographer, producer or teacher. This research process will catalyze public activities of sharing and dissemination within and beyond the dance arena.

This enquiry is rooted in my own and shared experiences in performing dancing. The two affirmations at the root of this project are;

that performing dancing can be experienced as an act of surrender. These experiences may be shared with other people, communities and working practices for which witnessing the act of surrender is part of the everyday. These might include people who experience and support human processes like birth and death.

that in the period of time immediately after dancing, either in performance or in periods of intense rehearsal or research, dancers can embody rich and important material and information. This material is often left unspoken, not shared or not given a value or the right resources to meets its complexity. Capturing and describing this information is crucial to realising and sharing the value of experiencing performing and watching dancing.

Below are some works in words that have arisen through Torchlight research

A Bony afterwards