photo: Camilla Greenwell

Katye brings two decades of experience as a professional dancer, lecturer, leader, curator and mentor into this role. She integrates listening skills, movement awareness, somatic intelligences and communication tools in an environment that focusses on genuine investigation, personal growth and the capacity to relate through listening and sensing.

She works creatively, intuitively and effectively on a 1-1 basis and tailors each coaching process to the specific needs and goals of the person she is working with.

A testemonial; “Katye Coe coached me at a turning point in my artistic practice. After ten years of working in a certain way, my approach needed a refresh. I felt somewhat lost in my sense of direction as an artist so I asked Katye to coach me on finding and refining the themes of my movement practice. After three months of coaching, I feel very grounded in what I am exploring. The sessions were via video-conference, and Katye was present and holding the space beautifully so I could reflect safely. What gives Katye a unique position is that she is an experienced practitioner and she only brings this into the discussion when it matters. Katye listens, observes and questions with stability, empathy, and finesse.
I highly recommend Katye to anyone who needs guidance in their creative or other practice, I will definitely continue with follow-up sessions.”
–Emma Zangs, Choreographer and Movement Director.

For more information or to book a phone call to find out if Katye’s work could be the right approach for you please get in touch.