Motus Linae and Eustatic Drift (2018)

Over the past year Katye has collaborated with artist Keira Greene in both the context of a film and a live performance (see descriptions below). They are now working towards a project which incorporates all three methodologies (dance, film, performance) and in turn developing workshop techniques and talking points which we hope to share across a variety of contexts. In particular it strikes Katye And Keira that conversation focussed on the ethics of how visual artists working with dancers is called for and timely. For more on Katye and Keira’s co-teaching, click here.

Motus Linae (2018) and Eustatic Drift (2018)

Motus Linae was a live performance collaboration with artist Keira Greene and artist Tim Mitchell for Whitstable Biennale 2018. As a development of their collaboration in Greene’s film Eustatic Drift, 2018, Coe meets an asymmetric curve designed by Tim Mitchell. This is a fragment of the larger ergonomic surface that will complete the Eustatic Drift installation. Here a fragment of that larger system has been left behind, becoming it’s own instrument for speculation and interpretation. Greene and Coe introduced the work inside the Biennale Cinema, from where Katye Coe later led the audience out onto the beach in a shift of scale and context.

(2018) a still from the Film Eustatic Drift: Keira Greene
(2018) Katye Coe in rehearsals for the Film Eustatic Drift. direction and photography Keira Greene