No-How generator

No-How Generator is a new work in progress conceived by Matthias Sperling. Matthias has invited me to collaborate with him as a performer during the research and creation phases.

The work questions how new knowing is generated in movement and becomes visible in the activity of performing choreography. It is a practice through attention, recognition and repetition.

We dance sometimes as a duet and sometimes with an invited third guest. Guests so far have included Fernanda Newsome, Susanna Recchia and Jenifer Lacey.

There have been several work in progress sharings so far this Spring, at Dance4, Siobhan Davies Dance and most recently at EinTanzHaus in Mannheim, Germany (30 March 2019).

Now nearing the end of the first research phase, No-How Generator will be performed once more as part of Per/Forming Futures, a conference at Middlesex University (London) organised by Artistic Doctorates in Europe, April 11-13.